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Usage : kindlegen filename.opf/.htm/.html/.epub [-c0 or -c1 or c2] [-verbose][-rebuild] [-onlydeps or -nodeps] [-western] [-o <file name>]

  • c0: no compression
  • c1: standard DOC compression
  • c2: Kindle huffdic compression
  • o <file name>: Specifies the output file name. Output file will be created in the same directory as that of input file. <file name> should not contain directory path.
  • verbose: verbose output
  • rebuild: rebuilds all dependencies
  • onlydeps: build only needed dependencies
  • nodeps: do not check/build dependencies
  • western: force build of Windows-1252 book
  • releasenotes: display release notes
  • gif: images are converted to GIF format (no JPEG in the book)
  • locale <locale option>

en: To display log messages in english.
de: Um Log-Meldungen in Deutsch.
fr: Pour afficher les messages du journal en français.
it: Per visualizzare i messaggi di log in italiano.
es: Para mostrar los mensajes de registro en español.

$ cp -ip kindlegen /usr/local/Kindlenap/
$ cd /usr/local/Kindlenap ; pwd
$ kindlegen out/hogehoge.html
$ ls -la out/


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